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   Roth Racing was originally formed in 1983 by Lt.Col. Lawrence Roth, USAF(Retired). As an Aerospace Engineering instructor, "The Colonel" believed in the old adage "if something is worth doing, it's worth doing right". In his typical head on approach that helped him rise through the ranks of the USAF, he set out to learn all he could about his son Brian's new passion in the sport of motocross. In short time, and after a lot of studying and research, Colonel Roth was preforming all of the regular maintenance on Brian's bikes, from tire changes, suspension modifications, to engine rebuilds. 


    Fast forward 7 years and Brian was now in High School and he had reached the top level of amateur motocross. After winning two Amateur National Championships under Kawasaki's Team Green racing program, he advanced to the Pro class and set out to pursue a career as a professional motocross racer. 


    As his pro racing career neared an end, he combined his years of racing knowledge, R&D testing and mechanical skills to join with Pro-Action Suspension and open a franchise performance center in Northern California. After 5 years of building Pro-Action suspensions and racing engines Brian accepted a position in the Speed Equipment division at the fast growing MDK Motorsports group. However, after only 2 years the economic downturn in the U.S. took its toll on MDK's Speed Equipment division, multiple dealership locations and 2 professional racing teams. MDK closed it's doors in the second half of 2009 and Brian went back to what he knows best and reopened Roth Racing.


    Today Roth Racing is located just east of Sacramento in Roseville, Ca. and is only minutes from the Prairie City's Hangtown National track. Specializing in suspension modifications for motocross bikes, Roth Racing strives to build the ultimate custom tuned race bike for whatever your specific needs may be.

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